Using ‘Social Media’ to market your Indie Film

Making an independent film? We are. Thinking about ways to market it and gather an audience? Same.

We’re learning as we go, and want to share our process with potential viewers and other filmmakers. There’s no point in us making a film and stopping there. We want to inspire other young filmmakers to go for it too!

This little link from our friends over at has some great insight into using social media to begin drawing an audience.

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James Bond 23 is Carte Blanche?

Daniel Craig - James Bond 007

The rumour mill is buzzing this morning with the news that the title for Bond 23 is Carte Blanche. Some may be unaware that Carte Blanche is the title of the latest James Bond novel by Jeffrey Deaver (The Bone Collector) which is partly set in Cape Town, South Africa. Is this true? Are they related?

Hit the link below to find out more.

Olly Moss – Awesome Star Wars Posters

Check out Olly Moss! He is a poster designer (among other things), and most of his work seems to capture the concept of the film being portrayed, and picks up on key elements of the story or character. These are his contributions to the many posters dedicated to the original Star Wars Trilogy. Note C-3PO’s eyes doubling for Tatooine’s twin suns… epic.