Arrested Development Movie

To all those fans of Arrested Development: Be excited. Hit this link from Empire to find out more.


Robot Romance

Spike Jonze doesn’t do normal. You can love him or hate him, but he always give you something beautiful to look at or something interesting to think about. Click here to see the sweet website for his short film entitled ‘I’m Here’ and watch the trailer below.

Star Wars – Stand Up to Cancer and Kepler 16b

Firstly, hit this link on ComicBookMovie to learn more about the planet that astronomers are informally calling ‘The Real Tatooine’. Then check out this vid below for the ‘Use the Force for Good’ campaign.


For those of you who don’t know, CommonGround InnerCity, in conjunction with New Creation Collective, is putting on our second annual Short Film Festival. Its called shrt: The Rly Shrt Flm Fstvl, where all the films are under 5 minutes long.
Last year we had a blast with four showings, in the open space above &UNION Bar and Bistro in Bree Street, making it a hugely successful event. However this year we’re wanting to take it to the next level. Its going to be held at Labia Theatre on Orange Street: on Thursday the 10th of November. Its one night only but we’re going to have two showings, which means an increased seating capacity of more than 40% from last year.
Why I’m telling you all this?
This is where you come in: The festival is two months away, and we have already had some submissions, but we’re looking for a whole bunch more, from a wide variety of film-makers. If you have any film that you’ve made which is 5 minutes or less; why not show-case your stuff at shrt. We are in the process of wanting to secure two prizes which will go to the film makers: The first will be based on technical requirements which our adjudicators will award and the second will be the ‘Viewers Choice’: viewers will be able to vote on the night via twitter / facebook / sms. We’re trusting the prizes will go some way towards helping you make your next great film-idea into a reality.
To upload your submission, click on this link: Otherwise if you’d like to drop off some of your work, then let us know and we can help arrange that.
Looking forward to seeing your films being shown at shrt.
Feel free to pass this onto to anyone else that you know is involved in making films or might have something to submit.

Apes deserve to conquer!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Review – 4 stars

There’s a reason why Rise is receiving amazing reviews and has grossed $374 Million worldwide so far:- It’s a really good movie.

Firstly, it has a strong, solid story at it’s core. There have been a few movies this summer that have impressed me, simply by having an entertaining story not cut out of my Kelloggs cereal box! This is one of them. It has an interesting structure for a modern blockbuster, giving it’s first two thirds to concept and character building, and only unleashing it’s action muscles in the last third. It’s interesting, but works brilliantly!

The human leads are also strong, aptly led by Franco, and supported by Brian Cox, John Lithgow and Tom Felton’s monkey basher (effectively an American Malfoy abusing a ‘monkey Harry Potter’).

The star of the entire show of course is Caesar, the amazing digital creation from WETA (Lord of the Rings, Avatar) with Andy Serkis (Gollum, King Kong) at it’s center. On a purely visual level, the effects are fantastic in and of themselves. The photo-realism of the apes pushes the medium like never before, breathing so much life into the animals it’s difficult to distinguish the computer creations from the real ones. That though, in our day and age is simply not enough… we’ve seen great effects before, we’re constantly seeing the next step and the next level, so much so that as impressive as the visuals can be, we as viewers are becoming numb to them. It takes a lot to blow our hair back.

Thankfully our hair is blown back… far back, and our heart strings tugged at when Caesar delivers the greatest performance of any CGI character in history. Yes, Andy Serkis’ Caesar tops both Gollum and Kong in my opinion. The emotions conveyed within his face, eyes and body language are unparalleled.

Through the well rendered combination of acting and VFX, and with solid direction from a good script, this is the tragic story of a how a cute, lovable little creature, through abuse and misunderstanding, becomes a rebel, a tactician and ultimately a great dictator.