3 Little Pigs

This is the follow up to CVC’s Sleeping Beauty. It’s a little short film that I act in… playing a drunk dad.

DREDD review

Head on over to www.moviecom.co.za for our interesting discussion on Dredd 3D. Lot’s of thoughts from Dave Ath, Jonathan Benfield, Howards Fyvie and myself. What worked, what didn’t; what we loved and what we hated. We’re interested to hear other people’s thoughts…

Is Bourne Legacy worth your time (and money)?

Dave Ath, the Ranter and myself discuss what worked (not much) and what didn’t work in The Bourne Legacy… Simply follow the link below and click on ‘The Bourne Legacy’. Our site is exceptionally good for use with all smartphones (even dumber ones like Blackberrys)   http://www.moviecom.co.za


How to Market a Short Film – Become a Boyband

In an effort to promote our latest series of short films, the Love Bombs team invaded the Waterfront as a fake Boyband, camera crew, Swedish Director and Agents and Producers. It escalated to the point of us ‘celebs’ being invited onto two boats. Amazing! Check out our official site http://www.lovebombs.co.za

Indie Game: The Movie

It’s not up on our MOVIECOM site just yet, but you can catch a listen to our latest podcast on the Youtube link below.

Indie Game: The Movie is a really great documentary on not only the Indie Gaming community, but actually even more so, on the creative process. So don’t rule it out if you don’t know games… I don’t, but I spent most of the movie relating to it as a story teller and a creative person and I definitely identified with the struggles and internal battles of the characters. Really Awesome.

Check back on our site www.moviecom.co.za for other podcasts…

The Love Bombs – Posters and Trailers

In under three weeks the ‘bombs’ will be dropping at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town. In an effort to spread the word high and low about the three amazing short films, I’ve gathered the posters and the trailers together in this post and am hoping you can share them with your friends, book your tickets, and bring them along with you.

For more info, visit http://www.lovebombs.co.za

Also like our Facebook page for exciting news and updates as well as behind the scenes info http://www.facebook.com/lovebombsfilms

The Life Work of Bernard Myburgh

Bernard Myburgh  is a very talented guy I work with. He shoots, he edits, he grades, he does motion graphics, he codes websites, he loves cats.

Often, as little side projects, he’ll cut together some images and some music that just convey a great tone and two of these little videos feature his work colleagues so I thought I’d post them

Check out his showreel and more on his YouTube page when you follow these links.