James Bond 23 is Carte Blanche?

Daniel Craig - James Bond 007

The rumour mill is buzzing this morning with the news that the title for Bond 23 is Carte Blanche. Some may be unaware that Carte Blanche is the title of the latest James Bond novel by Jeffrey Deaver (The Bone Collector) which is partly set in Cape Town, South Africa. Is this true? Are they related?

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2 thoughts on “James Bond 23 is Carte Blanche?

  1. As far as I know they won’t be shooting in Cape Town. When Sam Mendes originally come on board they started shooting in Canada and Alaska. Then after the extended hiatus there where rumours Cape Town would play home to one of Bond 23’s major set pieces. A massive bidding war took place between Dubai and the Cape and alas neither won and last I heard Shanghai is the new location. But no one really knows for sure and shooting was only scheduled for November so my fingers are crossed for a return to Cape Town. However Carte Blanche was only published this year, after they originally started shooting, so maybe it won’t be the inspiration for 23. Anyway I’ll try download Carte Blanche on my kindle and let you guys know all the deets.

    • I own Carte Blanche. Bought it a few weeks ago and very keen to read it now. The latest news is that Mendes was still scouting a location in SA for the big train set piece because India would not allow it. Filming has now also been shifted to January, so anything is possible. Thanks for your comment, we value your input here at OneOneThreeEight.


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