JJ Making Star Wars

star-wars-7-jj-abramsSo the word on the street is that one of my favourite directors, JJ Abrams is now going to helm the next installment in my favourite franchise… Star Wars.

I just thought I’d drop my thoughts quick. Firstly, I’m very excited because I think JJ is just a talented wonderful dude who I really admire. Star Trek, MI3, Super 8, Lost…. this man’s CV speaks for itself.

The only concerns are more around how people will react and how he will handle the reaction of being the guiding force behind both Star Trek and Star Wars. The two franchises have often stood apart, staring at each other ready to duel and the fanboys of each franchise are usually very fired up against the other. I happen to fall into both camps so I’m very happy.

The other concern is that I wonder how much JJ will have to reign in some of his certain styles so that they are ‘in line’ if you will with what has gone before in the previous episodes. It would not be right for lens flares to all of a sudden pop out of every corner just because the Empire has fallen and he may have to reserve that special camera shake for one or two moments.

But in general… I’m amped. How bout you?

The Star Wars Timeline

I hope that the shock factor will hit you here! Star Wars geekiness is far deeper than you ever imagined. If you thought the 6 movies, The Clone Wars cartoons and a few video games were all that existed in the Star Wars universe, you are very wrong.

Below I have attached 3 documents that make up the Star Wars Timeline Gold. The primary document is 1426 pages long and is followed by 358 pages of Appendices and the 187 page Clone Wars Supplement.

If you have a free year (or a time machine) then by all means, read them from cover to cover… otherwise, just for the sheer shock factor and knowledge, open up the primary document and skim through it. We are talking expanded universe mythology like nothing else in history…

Primary Document

The Appendices

Clone Wars Supplement

Ralph McQuarrie’s Legacy

Even though I’m a week late for this, I thought I would love to display a whole bunch of Ralph’s concept art. He was the man who helped George Lucas visualise his Star Wars universe at a time when no producer could understand what Lucas was trying to achieve. He passed away last week. These pictures really do something for me, so I hope you enjoy them.

There are a lot….


Star Wars Identities – New Movie? New Show?

The Star Wars Geek community are no doubt blogging left right and center this morning (here I am!) after catching wind that Lucasfilm recently bought several domain names for a mysterious project named ‘Star Wars Identities’. Is it a new movie, a new animated show, or perhaps the long awaited live action TV series? No one knows yet, but this sounds very much like when Sony bought several domain names about a project called Skyfall


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