JJ Making Star Wars

star-wars-7-jj-abramsSo the word on the street is that one of my favourite directors, JJ Abrams is now going to helm the next installment in my favourite franchise… Star Wars.

I just thought I’d drop my thoughts quick. Firstly, I’m very excited because I think JJ is just a talented wonderful dude who I really admire. Star Trek, MI3, Super 8, Lost…. this man’s CV speaks for itself.

The only concerns are more around how people will react and how he will handle the reaction of being the guiding force behind both Star Trek and Star Wars. The two franchises have often stood apart, staring at each other ready to duel and the fanboys of each franchise are usually very fired up against the other. I happen to fall into both camps so I’m very happy.

The other concern is that I wonder how much JJ will have to reign in some of his certain styles so that they are ‘in line’ if you will with what has gone before in the previous episodes. It would not be right for lens flares to all of a sudden pop out of every corner just because the Empire has fallen and he may have to reserve that special camera shake for one or two moments.

But in general… I’m amped. How bout you?

Olly Moss – Awesome Star Wars Posters

Check out Olly Moss! He is a poster designer (among other things), and most of his work seems to capture the concept of the film being portrayed, and picks up on key elements of the story or character. These are his contributions to the many posters dedicated to the original Star Wars Trilogy. Note C-3PO’s eyes doubling for Tatooine’s twin suns… epic.

Spies, Hobbits, Lanterns and Jedi

Just some quick links to news in the movie world:-

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2. Bond 23 is going to be a ‘Classic Bond’ movie…. Please let this be true.

3. Extended Cut of Green Lantern on BluRay / DVD … pray it’s an improvement!


4. Peter Jackson backs his choice of Martin Freeman in The Hobbit.


5. George Lucas has made more changes to his Star Wars movies for the BluRay release next month.