Hilarious Melancholia Review

My genius friends have reviewed Melancholia, a film to watch when you’re depressed…

It’s Kind of a Funny Story – The Short Film

The Cast and Crew at the Joscars Short Film Festival 2011

If you have the time (try make it), watch our ‘Joscars 2011‘ award winning short film… I play a stressed out copywriter having the worst day! It stars myself and the well recognized face of Matthew Roberts  as the ultimate nightmare boss. They should call him for the Horrible Bosses Sequel.

It’s written, directed and edited by the talented Conroy Esterhuizen.


The Love Bombs Films

An awesome short film festival happening at the Labia from 2-9 August. 3 Films… geared to change lives. Check out the trailers below. I act in The Second Day and The Prodigal.

MIB3/Dark Shadows/Snow White – Quick Reviews

Dark Shadows – Review – 3 Stars

A fairly standard genre entry. Burton and Depp partner together for the eighth time to bring us a fairly funny but often uneven and meandering tale of Barnabas Collins and his family dynasty. Some of the supporting characters get lost in the flabby middle section, but the final act is filled with enough weirdness to hold your attention.







MIB 3 – Review – 3 Stars

A solid entry, but nothing overly new or spectacular. It lacks the genuine hilarity of the first movie (think the examination scenes), and I personally miss Frank the pug. Things are kept brisk and light however, and Josh Brolin is outstanding as young agent K. The last fifteen minutes also offer some more emotionally charged  moments that the series hasn’t attempted before and for the most part is successful.







Snow White and the Huntsman – Review – 2 1/2 Stars

A mostly un-engaging, emotionally detached tale that although looks amazing, never feels real. The mid-section strives for Lord of the Ringesque visuals and texture, but none of the characters offer much engagement, emotional depth or humour. Hemsworth embodies the role as best he could, but none of the dialogue has any spark to it, and Stewart, as much as  I love her needs to do something different. What I once believed to be a great performance of a broken, insecure girl, turns out to just be the only thing she can do. Crack a smile damnit!