Nice Guy Johnny – Rent It Now

Last night I rented this film having never heard of it. It’s a fantastic, low budget, romantic indie drama, written and directed by Edward Burns. Check out the poster below and hit this link to watch the trailer and read a little more about it. It is truly inspiring for no budget filmmakers as it was shot for $25000, in ten days, with a crew of three.

Spielberg: Still worth your time?

Three years ago Spielberg gave us Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Audiences were divided, friends were lost. Since then however, the Berg has been busy crafting not one, or two, or even three new projects… he’s been developing four! In October he will launch his first venture into the world of animation, by bringing to life the much loved Belgium detective TinTin and early next year, he will follow this up with his next big screen outing, the First World War epic ‘War Horse’.

It is his two television projects however, that have caught my attention, and it is to these that I would like to direct yours.

Falling Skies begins 6 months after an alien invasion has begun to ravage our planet. It stars Noah Wyle of E.R. fame and follows a group of soldiers and survivors as they try to adjust to this new life and build their resistance to fight back against the colonists. The show runs in the off season, and hence has a lower budget than the other project and I am going to point you toward in a minute. Having only seen the two hour pilot, I can say that it doesn’t look half bad, even though it might turn out to be a little dull. It is gritty, dark, and features underground resistance fighters with a healthy does of heart. Time will tell.

Colonization seems to be the theme of the hour for Spielberg, as his second show, Terra Nova involves humanity travelling back in time to recolonize earth 85 million years in the past, in order to save our race from the over populated and over polluted world of 2149. This is the Berg’s showboat, the series in which all the money is being thrown at, and the one the network is counting on to hit the big time…. and I hope it does.

Dinosaurs; a rogue group that have broken away from the colonists; time travel; mistrust; spies; deception; action; suspense; mystery; and a good dose of family life and romance are making for a great new show. One could say that it really feels like Avatar meets Jurassic Park, which is no bad thing.

In fact… it’s a beautiful thing. Do yourself a favour…