Green Point Bombing

Spent a few hours learning some stuff on After Effects today. made this. it’s not amazing, but it’s quite sweet.


MISDIRECTED: Script Registered with WGA & On Set Pics

Two weekends ago, a very small crew of two went into a quarry in Durbanville (where Death Race 3 was filming) to film shots of Death Force: Planet 7. It’s a mysterious B-Grade project that fits inside the Misdirected feature film. Check out the strange photo’s below and speculate on just what the heck is going on.

In other news…. the second draft is now officially complete and has been registered with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) to protect our intellectual property rights. We’re learning as we go, and this seemed like a wise next step.

Romeo and Juliet Poster Campaign

Today I was freshly reminded of Baz Lurhmann’s ridiculously flashy, vibrant, and gloriously in-your-face adaptation of the Bard’s classic. The film is a wonder to behold in itself, but the entire marketing campaign, including the soundtrack and the posters all work together to create a unique package that I struggle to describe, but absolutely love. Check out some of the one sheets below…

Titanic sets sail again

Love it or loathe it, Titanic’s place in cinema history is secure. Next year, Cameron’s sweeping epic returns to the big screen for a new generation to experience, and this time in 3D. An extra piece of trivia is that it is being released on the 100th anniversary of the ship’s doomed voyage. Hmmmm… Is Cameron squeezing money out of a dead ship-shaped cow, or is it a worthy return to the silver screen?

Star Wars Identities – New Movie? New Show?

The Star Wars Geek community are no doubt blogging left right and center this morning (here I am!) after catching wind that Lucasfilm recently bought several domain names for a mysterious project named ‘Star Wars Identities’. Is it a new movie, a new animated show, or perhaps the long awaited live action TV series? No one knows yet, but this sounds very much like when Sony bought several domain names about a project called Skyfall


Follow this link to the original article.