The Love Bombs Films

An awesome short film festival happening at the Labia from 2-9 August. 3 Films… geared to change lives. Check out the trailers below. I act in The Second Day and The Prodigal.

Epic New Short Film Shoot

Howard Fyvie’s new short film ‘The Second Day’ starts shooting tomorrow, Saturday the 27th of Jan. I am fortunate enough to be acting in it and will also be an assistant director on the second day (of the shoot).

I thought I’d upload some pics from rehearsals, costume fittings and some storyboards just to show what we’re about to shoot.

The Guard

Myself as Salax. On the day I'll be crossed eyed and bald!

Gustav as Drapeta

Fight rehearsals

Location - will be turned into a 'Cage Fight in Hell'


More Storyboards

Still more storyboards

Note the '2nd Adam' reference as well as the number on the guys forehead... a familiar number