3 Little Pigs

This is the follow up to CVC’s Sleeping Beauty. It’s a little short film that I act in… playing a drunk dad.

Misdirected – Original Pilot (2008)

Many of you may have heard of a script that Howard and I wrote about a year ago. Below is the original pilot that we shot in one day, way back in 2008. it was off this pilot and many meetings since that we based our 2011 script that is registered with the Writers Guild of America… so don’t try steal any ideas… We’ll sue your ass 🙂

But, if you have the time (27 min), sit back and enjoy the inspiration for our script. The sound is not good… we acknowledge that. And it wasn’t even shot in HD… it was a different age back then. We had a rough outline and a fair amount of this was improvised. Enjoy.

Would you like to see the feature version of this?

The Love Bombs – Posters and Trailers

In under three weeks the ‘bombs’ will be dropping at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town. In an effort to spread the word high and low about the three amazing short films, I’ve gathered the posters and the trailers together in this post and am hoping you can share them with your friends, book your tickets, and bring them along with you.

For more info, visit http://www.lovebombs.co.za

Also like our Facebook page for exciting news and updates as well as behind the scenes info http://www.facebook.com/lovebombsfilms

It’s Kind of a Funny Story – The Short Film

The Cast and Crew at the Joscars Short Film Festival 2011

If you have the time (try make it), watch our ‘Joscars 2011‘ award winning short film… I play a stressed out copywriter having the worst day! It stars myself and the well recognized face of Matthew Roberts  as the ultimate nightmare boss. They should call him for the Horrible Bosses Sequel.

It’s written, directed and edited by the talented Conroy Esterhuizen.