Safe House/Chronicle/This Means War – Quick Reviews

Since I have not had the capacity to write profound articles on any films recently, I figured I’d some up my thoughts for three recent movies in a few phrases and figures. Here are my thoughts:-

Safe House – 4 Stars.

 It tears up the screen furiously. It’s great seeing Cape Town. Having worked on the film, my first viewing actually sucked coz I was just remembering 5 months of memories in the compact space of 2 hours. It’s a fast and furious action pic that assaults the senses with hyper-energetic cuts and lots of clashing and banging in the ears. Ryan is wonderfully vulnerable. Denzel is sly. What it lacks in originality, it makes up for in energy and raw power. Interesting editing… very European, inter-cutting between many scenes and also inter-cutting non-linearly within individual scenes. A solid genre film, although having read the script, I felt there were some moments that could have been made into bigger ‘moments!’.  A must see for Capetonians though!





Chronicle – 4 Stars.

An amazing little film, which is even more amazing once you know that it was made on a budget of only $12 million. Shot in Cape Town, set in Seattle, it is another great entry into the ‘found footage’ genre (other examples include The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield). Great concept. Great little story, with VERY good performances from it’s three young leads. Could Michael B. Jordan be the new Will Smith? A genuinely emotive story of power  in the wrong hands. A great example of how you don’t need tonnes of money to make a great film… it’s always about story and character!






This Means War – 3 1/2 Stars.

Quality popcorn entertainment. Perhaps McG’s best film ever. The film is more than carried on the chemistry and charisma of it’s three leads. Chris Pine is basically doing his Kirk thing again, which is great, and after watching Warrior straight after this, I was floored by the versatility of Mr. Tom Hardy. Great action, great comedy. Almost the perfect film for drawing in both females and males into one cinema house. It’s thoroughly entertaining, and best of all, it made me super excited to see three other films… Star Trek 2, The Dark Knight Rises, and Mad Max: Fury Road. The first stars Pine, the latter two, Tom Hardy.



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