Misdirected – Original Pilot (2008)

Many of you may have heard of a script that Howard and I wrote about a year ago. Below is the original pilot that we shot in one day, way back in 2008. it was off this pilot and many meetings since that we based our 2011 script that is registered with the Writers Guild of America… so don’t try steal any ideas… We’ll sue your ass 🙂

But, if you have the time (27 min), sit back and enjoy the inspiration for our script. The sound is not good… we acknowledge that. And it wasn’t even shot in HD… it was a different age back then. We had a rough outline and a fair amount of this was improvised. Enjoy.

Would you like to see the feature version of this?

Thoughts on HFR 3D

I saw that Hobbit in 3D and wasn’t overly impressed with the film, in fact, seeing it in 2D sometime would probably be a good idea. I can say with confidence however, that the 5 minutes I did see in HFR 3D were blinking awful and this article below is worth your time if you want to understand the complexities and complaints over the new format.


James Bond Popularity Based on Adjusted Gross

So, on Saturday night I grabbed all the adjusted grosses of the Bond movies over the franchise’s 50 year history and plotted them onto the graph below to get a fairly accurate graph of James Bond’s popularity over the years. Adjusted figured would generally mean that what you are seeing on this graph is the number of tickets that were sold.

I have given Skyfall an estimated final tally of $290 Mil, currently it is sitting at $245 Mil.

There are several interesting things that can be seen in this graph such as the fact that Pierce Brosnan was the only Bond whose debut film grossed more than the previous entry. It also shows us that Bond’s current popularity is the highest it has been since the 60’s high point during the Connery years (Goldfinger and Thunderball being way out in front).
Bond Popularity JPEG