Who is John Carter?

He is probably the biggest influence on science fiction cinema:- Flash Gordon, Star Wars, Avatar, Superman, Dune. They were all inspired by the tales of John Carter of Mars. It opens at Ster Kinekor this Friday! I am super excited and thought I’d try educate as many people as possible about the film. It’s based on one of the first Sci-fi novels ever written (100 years ago this year), and has basically influenced most major Sci-fi adventures and comic books in some shape or form. It’s going to be great fun, be very familiar (most likely), and will give you an entire new world to discover.

Below I’ve pasted a whole host of links, pictures and trailers. Enjoy!

Get to know the different cultures within John Carter here!

Find out how John Carter influenced many tales that you know and love here!

Read Comic Books Movies’ review here. Beware, some spoilers! But they really loved it! Scroll down to his final paragraph if you just want to hear his final verdict.

Some history on the character and the original novels can be read here!

And finally, for more pictures and info, visit the IMDB page here!



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