Sherlock 2: More of the Same…

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Review – 3 Stars

by Kyle St John Peters

If I could sum this movie up in a word, I would choose fine. It’s fine. The first film was a great romp in a similar vein to ‘Raiders of the Last Ark’ and this second film is basically just more of the same. It retains everything that we loved about the last one, from the unique style, to the fight scenes, to Downey Jr.’s great take on the character. The chemistry between Law and Downey is also as spot on as ever.

Unfortunately though, what is the film’s strength is also it’s weakness… it’s the same as the original. Guy Ritchie has brought a whole lot more of the same, without really shaking it up. In fact, the plot is a bit shaken up, and a little too convoluted for my taste compared to the clear cut original.

The whole thing just feels a tad unoriginal and has relied a little too much on gags to get the humour across – Downey Jr. in dress up does eventually get old! That said however, if you liked the first one, go and give it watch – it’s not bad.


4 thoughts on “Sherlock 2: More of the Same…

  1. Bull. I’m sorry, but I thought the second Sherlock was frikn brilliant, and far better than the first. Yes, its more of the same, but its SO much more. More of Guy Ritchie’s unique style, more epic soundtrack, more action, and (and this is really what impressed me) it was truer to the books. This story did not fabricate characters as the last did, the nuances and characteristics of Holmes were subtlety but effectively closer to the written character, and it was a wonderful take on the original Moriarty story. I think Doyle would be proud. And OH the depiction of 19th century London! Sorry – I could go on and on. Criticisms: casting- Stephen Fry was fun but not believable, and Jared Harris was not psychopathic enough.

    • Look, Moriarty was a good character and glad they used him. But as far as streamlined narratives go, this was a lot more muddled. As for Arthur Conan Doyle being proud… I think he’s still rolling in his grave on Downey Jr’s interpretation of the character. Downey’s amazing as Holmes… but he’s not Conan Doyle’s Holmes… you surely must see that!

      • Valid point, I forgot about that in my happy awe of Downey Jr.’s performance. I can’t agree with you about the plot though, I didn’t find it muddled at all, but then you’re a Spielberg fan and he is of the opinion that a story is a good one if it can be summed up in one sentence, eg “lonely boy helps alien to return home”. But seriously, I loved this movie so much I am actually going to watch again in the cinema.


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