Real Steel Review

Real Steel – Review – 3 Stars

By David Atherstone

In the future, where robot boxing has become a massive sport, a down on his luck fight promoter finds a robot he thinks will take him to the top and finds a son who wants to be part of his life.

Real Steel is loosely based on the classic kids game Rock em, Shock em Robots . This film runs along the lines of the well known underdog story, but despite this common theme it manages to pull you into its world, and will have you rooting for the characters and jumping out of your seat in excitement.

The story is fairly simple but entertaining none the less, and the acting is great, especially from the young Dakota Goyo, who comes close to outshining his co-star Hugh Jackman. There is also the character of ATOM, who, although being a CGI robot, causes you to start seeing him as so much more than that.

This film leaves everything “in the ring” as it were. It gives you everything you could want from it and has you walking away completely satisfied. If you are looking for a thought provoking, Oscar worthy movie, then this is not for you. However, if you want to be thoroughly entertained for and hour and half, then this movie will do exactly that. It’s film that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.



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