Breaking BAD

Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Review – 1/2 a Star

By David Atherstone

Breaking Dawn is the fourth installment in the Twilight franchise. Edward and Bella get married and set of on their honeymoon, in which half way through Bella realizes she is pregnant. They head home to the help of the Cullen clan, but also to the threat of the wolf pack.

This whole movie feels like it should be the first act to the actual final movie. Keeping it as one instead of splitting it into two would have been the way forward in my opinion. There were so many scenes in the film that seemed like they were there as time fillers, scenes that were boring and unnecessary. This film never even comes close to engaging the audience or even making them sympathize with the characters.

The acting is not as bad as it has been in the past, but still remains fairly dull, and the one exciting scene in the film, lasting 10 seconds, didn’t even come out of the book, which clearly shows how this film struggles to draw the audience’s attention.

This is a film purely for the Twihards. Only the true fans of the series will be entertained by this film, but beyond that it is not even worth the time taken to watch it.




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