The Bourne Ultimatum – Review – 5 Stars

Wow. I’m out of breath. This film is GREAT. Let that be known. Matt Damon is Bourne to play Jason. Paul Greengrass is the perfect director. But WARNING!!! Watch Identity and Supremacy again… and I mean WATCH them. So much of this movie hangs in the first two movie’s that they are litterally intertwined. OK.. here we go. This movie is truly the third part of a trilogy, not some lame ass sequel where the same crap happens and by the end you’re back where you were 2 movies ago. From the get go Greengrass keeps his foot flat on all pedals… Plot, Action and most of all Suspense and tension. You feel molested by the end of this film. Those who  aren’t clued up must STAY AWAY because you’ll be utterly bored when things aren’t being destroyed, but for those who are followers of Jason, you will be blown away. The plot is nail biting with twists and turns with a great script devoid of cheesy summer lines. By the end when everything from the whole trilgy is revealed, we even evoke some emotion, much like the end of Supermacy and I actually felt affected by this movie. Those are the deeper elemtns that make this amazing. Thats not all. It’s also just bloody cool. It is so tense you will be on your seat the whole time. The action is soooo ferocious and soooo real you will jumping opff your seat. Greengrass brings in a bite to the action. It is gritty, it is raw and you feel every punch. It moves at such a pace it left my heart racing when I walked out of there. No time is wated in the editing, walking and actions of the characters are cut to a bare minimum, only showing what is necessary. Much like Bourne himself the style of the movie is raw but slick with no fuss and no thinking twice… it just moves and you better make sure you hold on coz this is the film of the year so far. The bike chases, the car chase, the rooftops in Tangiers and all the punch ups, plus the whole sequence in Waterloo station keep you glued. Greengrass is also someone who respects his audience. He doesn’t insult my intelligence. He gives me 1 + 1. He doesn’t give me = 2 because thats half the fun. The real revelation of the film however and the reason it will awaken your inner child is Jason Bourne himself. Note, I do not say Matt Damon. He IS Jason Bourne. The character is so slick, so smart and so developed that by the end you really feel like you’ve been on this journey with a real person. His ingenuity is startling from magazines in toasters, stealing clothes to shield his hands from glass, aerosol cans into fires as distractions. Wow… you leave the cinema feeling like a kid wanting to be him and wishing that breaking arms and avoiding bullets and fists just came second nature to you. I’m exausted. Thats all I’ve got to say on the best movie this year. Shame on Spider-man and Jack Sparrow… A lesson for all – CG has nothing on a great story and great characters!