Transformers – Review – 3 1/2 Stars

Well, Michael Bay delivers what you expect from a Michael Bay film. Slow mo’s, sunsets, crazy action and attempts at emotion when their is actually nothing there. Overall, its my favourite film of the summer so far, which is not saying much after Pirates 3 and Spider-man 3. I was however quite entertained and did enjoy the film even though it has major flaws. It’s not the definitive ‘giant robots on earth’ film, but thanks to the oh-so-natural, young Harrison Ford performance of Shia LaBeouf you stay in for the ride. The first half starts off so well, with great easy performances, a lot of quality humour and terrific set-pieces, even though many of them and their sub-plots such as the desert soldiers are not neccesary and just use up time that could have been used to strengthen the central story of Shia Labeouf, Megan Fox, and Shia’s Transformer/car friend Bumblebee. Its sad to say though, the second half tremendously lets you down. The characters disappear and the Transformers, although getting into some whupass action feel too much like power ranger villains. Also in true Michael Bay style, the action is frantically cut with epileptic edits that you can’t always see everything and a few wider shots would have been nice… but thats just nit-picking. The other major fault with the film is a typical Michael Bay signature… Characters that don’t always ring true, saying lines that have little substance. These lines seem so out of place with the natural performace from LaBeouf. So many themes such as the destruction and value of the human race are brought in so late as well, that when they are talked about you ask the question… ‘from what angle?’ Besides some of the cheesy lines and overblown moments though, the film is enjoyable. I only wish it had been aimed at a slightly older audience, but it was good, light-hearted entertainment.